Technical Specs MAS 7

Patient Chair

  1. Electrically driven chair in all movement with 10000N motors
    controlled by:-
    a- foot joystick
    b- Touch control Panel
    c- assistant Touch control Panel.
  2. Automatic program position return )zero position).
  3. Four programmers mode 3 can be programmed by the doctor the fourth program Mouth washing position and spittoon on Return to last position.
  4. Emergency stop from any switch.
  5. Double articulating headrest with horizontal movement moves easily.
  6. Arms rest moveable horizontally with a hinge.
  7. Upholstery synthetic seamless vinyl washable anti-microbial plastic leather and treated and anatomic design.
  8. Over load switching.
  9. Suitable for weight more than 200kg without any sounds or vibrations.
  10. All metal parts from galvanized steel covered with layer of electro static powder paint.

Dentist Unit

  1. Asepsis smooth body design for easy cleaning and wide Melamine bracket table easy to cleaned and sterilized
  2. Touch control Panel for all function control
  3. 4 connection for the handpieces with Autoclave able 3 way syringe and 3 modules for handpieces 4 holes
  4. Metal connection for modules
  5. Air and water lines are controlled with switches in bracket table
  6. Air look arm to control the dentist unit movement.
  7. Air pressure gauge
  8. Film viewer
  9. Self-contained water system
  10. Air Foot control
  11. Back flow prevention device (antiretraction valve)
  12. Lower straight hoses easy to clean and disinfection
  13. Water filter
  14. internal sterilization and disinfection

Assistant’s Unit

  1. With automatic cup filler and cuspidor cleaning from bracket table and assistant and foot joystick.
  2. Spittoon of ceramic for easy cleaning and disinfections
  3. Surgical high suction & saliva ejector
  4. Solids collector
  5. Automatic bowl rinse
  6. Rotating cuspidor movement degree more than  90
  7. Touch control panel for cup filler . bowl flush .light and chair movements

Light Unit

  1. B-Mounted on the Unit ,LED lighting intensity from 8000 to 25000 Lux
  2. Handles easy to remove and install and sterilization at a temperature of 134 degree
  3. Shadow less and cools light
  4. Provided with touch less switch control for infection control can be controlled from the dentist, assistant table and foot Switch.
  5. With continuous intensity control switch
  6. Parabolas multifaceted easy to clean with ultraviolet and infra red filter
  7. Easy movement with a large range of motion and a balance of any situation

Doctor’s chair stool

  1. Adjustable seat height with heavy pneumatic gas spring
  2. Movable back rest vertical & horizontal
  3. Load up to 150 kg
  4. Stainless steel base on 5 swivel castors easily movement
  5. Accordance Egyptian standard